Who qualifies? 

You decide.

There are many barriers to food security. Accessibility, location, hours of operation, and cost in particular are some of the major ones that impact students, but we neither discriminate between nor limit ourselves to these experiences in our definition of food security.

Income doesn't always tell the whole story, so we don't ask for the details of anyone's financial situation when they apply. 

While our access survey does ask for a brief statement on your experience with food insecurity or hunger, this is primarily for our own research purposes. We want to eventually address the systemic issues that cause food insecurity in the first place, and we need to understand why you may be accessing our resources to do so. We don't expect you to justify you right to use our pantry and our access survey is optional. 

Even if your situation with food insecurity is set to be temporary, we encourage you to use this resource. You can always withdraw at any time.

In short, any current undergraduate or graduate Georgetown University student, faculty member, or staff member who regularly lacks access to nutritious food, for whatever reason, qualifies for access to the Hoya Hub.

Still not sure if your situation is enough to warrant access to the Hoya Hub? Send us an anonymous message in the form below and we'll be happy to work with you.

Want to keep your membership private?

We aim to provide you this resource without a stigma, but we understand that you may want to remain anonymous. We are fully committed to protecting the privacy of all our visitors and do not have access to anything but the last three digits of your GoCard number. Only our faculty advisor has access to the results of the access form and does not divulge emails. 

We won't ask your name in our access form and will never contact you if you don't contact us first.  Information from our access form is used to informational and inventory purposes. 

We'll remain open anytime the Leavey center is so that all visitors can use our services when they feel most comfortable. Staff will always knock on the pantry door before entering for maintenance. 

How do I use the pantry?

Instructions on how to use the pantry are detailed on our access form. The form gives our access code at the top of the page with the option to continue filling out the form if you are comfortable. Please do not share the access code. If you know someone who needs the pantry, please direct them to our access form to fill out individually. 

Once you're ready to visit the Hoya Hub, visit Room 417 in the Leavey Center tower. Sometimes the main doors to Regents Hall (which people may use to access the Leavey Center) close at 10:00 PM. If this happens, enter the Leavey center through its main entrance across from Arrupe Hall up a set of stairs that lead into the building. Once inside, take the elevators by the Georgetown University Credit Union (GUASFCU) and Vital Vittles up to the fourth floor of Leavey Tower. Go left down the hallway until you reach Room 417.

If you have questions or concerns about accessibility, please fill out the form below or email We strive to make the Hoya Hub accessible to all who need it. 

Please knock before entering the pantry, as someone may be inside. 

We don't currently have any restrictions on the amount of Hoya Hub users or how much food they can take. Please take what you need within reason and be mindful of the other pantry users. Bags are provided. Please remember to turn off the lights before leaving the space. 

Feel free to give us feedback using the form below at any time.



The Hoya Hub, Georgetown’s first food pantry, is open to all undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty and staff. We house various meal-based non-perishable items in Leavey 417. Our mission is to provide Georgetown community members with a safe place to gain access to the resources they may need on a consistent, conditional, or occasional basis and to combat food insecurity on campus.



L: 3800 Resovior Road

    Leavey Tower 417

    Washington, DC 20057

The Hoya Hub is a program of Georgetown University.


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